More than Coffee (You Matter) with John O'Leary

Do you realize the impact that your daily tasks can have on others? The blog post linked below, “More than Coffee (You Matter),” is a great reminder that we have the power to make a difference in others’ lives. What may seem like a small thing to us can truly mean something great for somebody else. As John O’Leary says, “Don’t underestimate that doing little things well greatly elevates the lives of those around you.” What can you do today to make a difference for your members and coworkers?

This post was written by John O’Leary, our 2021 Iowa Credit Union Convention closing keynote. John is a speaker, a two-time #1 National Bestselling author, and a host of an award-winning podcast.

Jodi Allen

Member Services Consultant

Iowa Credit Union League

John O'Leary, Speaker and Author