An Open Letter to my Colleagues, by Ceedra Allen

It has been 3 weeks since the killing of George Floyd, and like many of you, it is still hard for me to believe. When I read my co-worker’s published article on LinkedIn, I was inspired to share it with you - because as she says, “It’s time for everyone to rise up.” Remaining silent is not working. Thank you, Ceedra, for sharing your story with us! I believe in the

'People Helping People' philosophy, and I, too, believe that we can do better.

An Open Letter to my Colleagues” was written by Ceedra Allen, MBA, CUCE. Ceedra is a Compliance Officer at PolicyWorks, LLC.

Jodi Allen

Member Services Consultant

Iowa Credit Union League

Ceedra Allen, MBA, CUCE, Compliance Officer, PolicyWorks, LLC