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Let's do this.

What is CRASH?

The CRASH program allows credit union professionals who have passion and leadership skills to attend the Iowa Credit Union Convention for free. During Convention, Crashers have a separate schedule that dives deeper into the credit union movement, personal and professional development.

What does a Crasher do?

Crashers get to attend the Iowa Credit Union Convention and are treated to specially facilitated CRASH sessions with industry leaders each day. Crashers also get to network with other young credit union professionals and build long lasting relationships.

Who can CRASH?

The core group is credit union professionals under 35. That said, we're willing to give some wiggle room to "under 35". If you're 36 and think that you can keep up, we would love to see you apply! 😊

Where will we stay?

A block of rooms are reserved for Crashers near the Convention site each year. Usually we'll be within walking distance of the event.

How much does it cost?

Your transportation costs + 1/2 of your hotel room costs + own incidental expenses. We've got everything else covered.

How do I get in?